Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet Manufacturers recommend Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction as the preferred cleaning method for residential carpets.  Kelly Carpet Cleaning was an early adopter of this method. 
  • Our Carpet Cleaning removes, soil, allergens and other contaminants from your home.
  • We have been cleaning carpets using this method since 1975. Hot Water Extraction preserves the warranties that come with today's stain resistant carpets. 
  • We treat your home with care by using protective equipment to ensure your walls and floors are not damaged by our hoses.
  • Our processes leave no harsh chemical residues on your carpets.
  • Our company and technicians are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). 
  • We take pride in being a Lansing area original.
  • We are not a franchise or affiliated with any other company.
  • We have been providing professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Lansing, MI since 1975.

Our service includes:

  • Pre-vacuuming, pre-treating of spots and traffic areas, and specialized post cleaning spotting for spots that don't come out during the general cleaning such as grease, Kool-Aid, and other food stains.
  • Place protective Corner Guards prior to bringing our hoses into your home to protect finishes on wall corners.
  • Pre-Treatment with a safe and effective detergent to loosen trapped soils and spots.
  •  Agitation of Pre-Treatment to ensure thorough penetration of Pre-Treatment solution.
  •  Extraction with our Truck Mounted Steam Extractor using only soft water (We leave no chemical residue on your carpets).
  •  Moving and replacement of most furniture.
  •  We place plastic tabs or foam blocks under the furniture to protect against staining.
  • When conditions warrant,  we employ a high velocity fan to speed up the drying of your carpet.
  • 3M Scotchgard can be applied to the carpet to renew the carpet's protective finish and to ensure that future cleanings give good results.
  • We groom the cleaned carpet with a fine-toothed carpet rake which raises the nap and assists with drying.
  • We leave plastic "booties" for you and your family in case you need to walk on the carpet while drying.
  • You receive a FREE bottle of carpet spotter with every carpet cleaning job.
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Animals on Your Carpets

Kelly Cleaning has many years of experience helping our clients keep pet stains and pet order problems under control.