: Will all the spots in my carpet be removed by cleaning?

A: Over 95% of the spots are removed by our Pre-Treatment and Extraction process.  We use additional specialized spotting on spots that are not removed by our Pre-Treatment. 


Spots that can often be removed are:

- Normal soiling due to tracking

- Grease

- Gum

- Latex Paint

- Makeup

- Lipstick

- Food Stains (including milk, sauces, etc.)

- Coffee

- Tea

- Candle Wax


Spots that may require extraordinary measures but can often be removed:

- Red Wine

- Kool-Aid

- Blood

- Marker


The success of getting out any spot is effected by the type of carpet and age of the stain.  The sooner we are able to treat the spot, the better the chances of removing it.

Q: How long will my carpet take to dry?

A: We leave your carpet relatively dry after cleaning.  Drying depends on humidity in the room, heat, and airflow.  Less humidity, higher heat, and more airflow will lead to faster drying.   During the cleaning process, we often employ a high velocity drying fan which greatly reduces drying time.   Most customers report that their carpets are dry from anywhere between 2 to 8 hours.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?  

A: Yes.  After the job is complete, we are happy to re-do any portion that you are unhappy with.  We will also rush back to your home if you are unhappy for any reason within a week of the job.  Our goal is to make you a lifelong customer.

Q:  Do you move furniture?

A: Yes.  We move most furniture, clean under it, and move it back.  We also place protective foam or plastic under it so it doesn't stain the carpet while it's wet.  We ask that you remove any breakables from pieces that are to be moved.

Q: Shoud I vacuum before having my carpets cleaned?

A: Yes.  Just before your appointment, we ask that you do your normal vacuuming in the rooms that you are having cleaned.

Q: Can I have just my traffic areas cleaned?

A: Yes.  Our Basic Package is for cleaning only the traffic areas.  It is the same service with pre-vacuuming and pre-treatment, but the only difference is that we clean around the furniture.   We offer this as an interim cleaning option and also to help fit your budget.

Q: How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

A:  Shaw Industries, the largest manufacturer of carpeting for use in homes, recommends having your carpets cleaned using the Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) method used by Kelly Cleaning Service every 12 to 18 months depending on use (i.e.  A family with kids/pets = at least every 12 months, Two adults with no kids/pets = 18 months).  See Shaw's recommendations for maintaining your carpets here:

Shaw Industries Carpet Maintenance Guidelines

Q: What Vacuum Cleaner if any do you recommend?

A: We recommend the Bissell Momentum upright vacuum.  It is a bagless HEPA filtered vacuum (which means it does not blow dust from the carpet back into your home).  After using the Bissell Momentum forseveral months to pre-vacuum our jobs, we have found it to be an excellent deep cleaning vacuum.   Our clients are usually surprised to see how much additional dirt we get out of their carpets even when they vacuum right before the cleaning appointment.   This vacuum is also a great value.