Intensive Cleaning for Wood and Laminate Floors

Dirt and other contaminants build up over time on your wood and laminate floors just as they do on carpets and tiled floors.   Regular dust mopping and maintenance cleaning with a microfiber mop and a water/vinegar solution or some other solution such as the Swiffer or the Bona System will help keep your floor clean.   Many of our clients also use a floor steamer with great results. 

Eventually,  the buildup on your floor may become more than can be removed using the above methods.    Kelly Cleaning offers and intensive cleaning process that involves scrubbers such as the ones pictured above that are designed to remove all of the dirt, contaminants and residue from your floor.   Intensive hard floor cleaning involves several steps including dry mopping/vacuuming, cleaning with a strong cleaners and a cleansing rinse with a neutral cleaner leaving your floor squeaky clean.

Intensive Wood Floor Cleaning is offered at 60 cents per square foot.

Wood Floor Leather Couch.jpg


If your floor has areas that appear dull or absorb water leaving a dark spot until the floor dries, your floor will benefit from having it recoated with one of our water based wood floor finishes or coatings.   Satin (most popular), Semi-Gloss and Gloss finishes are available.

Wood Floor Finish is available at 40 cents per square foot and requires Intensive Wood Floor cleaning prior to application.